New Winter Talks Programme Launched!


Linlithgow Museum is delighted to announce our brand new Autumn/Winter Talks series. We’re very excited to be bringing some great speakers to town and we hope we’re going to see lots of you at these events over the next few months.

Thursday 26th September at 7pm in St Peter’s Church will be Dr Callum Watson. 
Putting Linlithgow in its place: Linlithgow as a Focus of Royal Activity in Late Medieval Scotland

Callum is based at the Battle of Bannockburn Centre and recently was also one of the historical advisers on the movie ‘The Outlaw King’. Throughout the centuries, Linlithgow was regularly the scene of pivotal moments in Scotland's history. This talk will examine these events and explore Linlithgow's significance in late medieval Scotland.  This evening is sponsored by Mill Lane Motors. Book tickets online here.

Thursday 24th October at 2pm in the Museum Community Room, will be Dr Tom Brown.
Wombs, Witches and Wars - a history of psychosomatic illness through the ages

Tom is a retired Consultant Psychiatrist and we have wanted to bring him to the museum for a long time now. This will be a really fascinating afternoon. 

Friday 15th November at 7pm in St Peter’s Church we welcome Linlithgow’s own resident historian Bruce Jamieson.
Mary Stewart: Fact and Fiction

Bruce was the Principal Teacher of History at Linlithgow Academy, has been Provost of the Deacons Court and writes regularly about the history of the town. We are delighted that he will present an evening for us on Mary Queen of Scots is Linlithgow’s most famous “Black Bitch”. But what were her Linlithgow connections and how true to her life is the recent movie starring Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie and Bathgate boy David Tennant? Bruce will investigate and present the findings.

Tickets for all three talks will cost £5 each and will include a cuppa. All proceeds will go to the upkeep of our wonderful new Museum.

Tickets are now available in person from the Museum. shop or online here.