Music in the Air!


Music was in the air when pupils from Low Port, Linlithgow and Springfield Primaries used our new Community Space to perform songs they had written themselves.  There were four songs in total, each of which was inspired by a different historical object linked to Linlithgow. 

Low Port Primary looked at the old town bell, and how it had remained the same while the town changed about it. One class from Springfield Primary focused on the town’s connection with shoes, while the other looked at a glass bottle from the Hardies factory. Linlithgow Primary, meanwhile, picked a brooch from the medieval period. 

In all over 130 Primary Six children were involved in the project, led by community musician Caro Overy. They all had six workshops, during which they not only learned about their object and how it fit into the context of Linlithgow, but learned about music and how to write songs. 

As Caro explained: ‘It was a different and exciting way to connect children with their local history and landscape.’ 
It was exciting for us as well. We loved hearing history and music being brought together.

And if you would like to hear it too, you can: the songs were recorded and are now available on a CD, for sale in the museum shop.